Too Northern to play true Delta Blues, not cowboy enough for Country, too landlocked for Celtic, not gentle enough for traditional folk. Bluesy Folk-A-Billy seems like a good fit for Noah Tolhurst, at least for the time being. Since he first picked up a guitar at 13 years old, Noah been working toward defining his musical style.

An avid history buff and keen storyteller, many of Noah's compositions take on a 'story' quality, quite often with true historical context. Forgotten people and events, especially the dark or infamous, are a particular source of inspiration. He would say that he's "drawn to the dark side of local history." 

Growing up in a small farming community in the Chateauguay Valley in Southern Quebec, Noah always liked to hear the old family stories and stories about the area. Now, he's decided to combine his interests in music and in history and to put them to good use by passing on some of the more compelling narratives in song.

Aside from playing several instruments, particularly the guitar, Noah also puts his degrees in Industrial Design Techniques and in Carpentry to good use in his home-based laser studio and woodshop making them. Several homemade instruments can be heard on "Stillbuster" including a custom local wood 3-string Cigar Box Guitar which is featured on the songs "Brimstone" and "The Road to Blueberry Hill." Also, a homemade piezo 'growl' mic can be heard on the songs "Stillbuster" and "Brimstone." 

For more information about the music or the instruments, please feel free to contact Noah.

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